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Hear what our graduates have to say about Journalism at Bucks County Community College

Tom Sofield, Editor, Publisher

"Bucks County Community College's journalism program under Professor Rogers not only taught the basics of solid reporting but actually got you out on the street. Unlike many courses I've had, the on-the-ground experience was invaluable and prepared me for my first full-time journalism job."


Michele Haddon, Main Street Reporter

The Intelligencer & Bucks County Courier Times 

"The journalism program at Bucks County Community College thoroughly prepares its students through its dynamic approach of combining in-class lessons and practical hands-on learning. Professor Rogers’ lectures and class discussions equipped us with the expert knowledge to bring credibility, professionalism, ethics, compassion and value to our reporting, while inspiring us to find our own voice and passion for the job. Opportunities to work on the Centurion gave us a sense of newsroom life and camaraderie, as we strengthened our skills — such as being a part of a team, leadership, working under tight deadlines, video, editing and layout — in a real world setting to report on issues impacting the college community. Professor Rogers was an invaluable mentor, and I credit this program for helping me pursue a rewarding career in journalism."

Hal Conte, Quality of Life Beat Reporter

Lebanon Daily News, USA Today Network

"Bucks County Community College is an excellent place to initiate a journalism career. I continue to use the skills I honed editing and reporting at the Centurion in my everyday writing. I strongly recommend spending as much time on campus as possible, joining clubs, and using all the resources the college has, including the library and the software you use in class like Adobe. It'll also save you a lot of money, and the quality of instruction is just as good as at a four-year school-sometimes, actually better!"


Anthony DiMattia, Editor/reporter

Bucks County Courier Times, Doylestown Intelligencer and Burlington County Times

"During my two years in the journalism program at Bucks, I was able to learn the basics of reporting while receiving real-life training that prepared me for my career in journalism. The experience I gained at Bucks not only provided an opportunity to gain employment with a company I still work with today, but also gave me reporting, writing, editing and layout skills that set me apart from others in my field. The award-winning program is the perfect fit for anyone hoping to break into the journalism field."

John Fey, Local Editor and Reporter and

"Bucks County Community College's journalism program helped me hone the skills I have used in the professional field. Professor Rogers' classes and my first-hand experience at The Centurion helped me to learn the tools of reporting and editing. The lessons I learned from Professor Rogers will stay with me for the rest of my career. The school is great for those looking to save money and find their calling, just like I did."

Annmarie Ely, Media Relations and Publications Coordinator

Delaware Valley University

"In the Bucks journalism program students work on the campus newspaper as part of class. This approach allowed me to apply what I was learning thoughout the program.  I gained both knowledge and experience that I use every day in my current career in marketing."

Charlotte Reese, Reporter, writer and podcast producer

KYW Newsradio

“My first taste of real reporting was at Bucks and The Centurion. Professor Tony Rogers teaches with experience from jobs he had in the field. The skills I learned at Bucks I still use as a reporter, writer and podcast producer at KYW Newsradio.”