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About the Notes

The notes below are approximately 60% finished at this time, I believe. The date the notes for a given chapter were last updated is indicated to the right of each link, followed by a page count. By now even more obscure terms like "supremum" and "infimum" are precisely defined (see Chapter 1), though such terms generally only appear in the midst of proofs of certain theorems. It is not essential to read very many of the proofs in these notes (or even in the textbook) at this stage of the learning process. I did not pay close heed to proofs when I was a beginning calculus student, after all. If you are a mathematics major and go on to take courses in mathematical analysis, however, you will find the proofs of increasing importance. They are included in the notes for the sake of completeness.

All notes were created with LaTeX, and all the figures in the notes were created with the TeX packages known as TikZ, PGF and PGFPlots. All these things come free. Some of the figures in the last five chapters are stereoscopic pairs: if you stare at them with eyes relaxed, they should merge to produce a three-dimensional effect (though you may have to experiment with resizing the page on your screen or trying different distances).