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Math 141: Calculus 2
Instructor: Joe Erickson (erickson@bucks.edu)
Textbook: Calculus, 2nd Ed., by Briggs & Cochran
Term: Fall 2016

E59 Announcements

November 29 - Good news and bad news. The bad news: calculators will NOT be allowed on the final exam. The good news: the fact that no calculators are allowed on the final exam implies that certain kinds of problems that involve intensive "number crunching" will not make an appearance on the exam, thus narrowing the scope of what needs to be studied. Also be aware that the final exam will have NO formula sheet, which again means that certain kinds of problems are unlikely to appear on the exam (such as those involving integral reduction formulas).

November 27 - Exam 3 and its key are in Resources. Also: the dates for Exam 4 have been altered, and are now November 30 to December 7.

October 26 - Exam 2 and its key are in Resources now.

October 2 - Exam 1 and its key are in the Resources section of the site (link below).

September 15 - Exam 1 will be available starting tomorrow. The formula sheet that will be supplied along with the exam looks something like this. No calculator will be allowed for this exam! Also important: small changes have been made to some of the assignments in Chapter 8. See the latest version of the assignment sheet using the link below.

August 22 - The syllabus and orientation for the course are combined in a single document under the "E59 Syllabus" link below. As for homework assignments, they are listed under the "Assignments" link below. No homework assignments or announcements are posted on MyMathLab! The only point of MyMathLab, for this course, is to provide an electronic version of the book, the solutions manual, and the other bells and whistles (tutors, tutorials, videos, and so on) that the publisher has to offer. Use of MyMathLab is optional.

August 19 - Announcements for the Fall 2016 online Calculus 2 course (section E59) will appear in this box. The course does not start until August 24. I will send out a general information mass e-mail sometime shortly before then. If you were in the summer online course, be aware that final course grades were posted on WebAdvisor many days ago, and can be accessed through the college website.

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