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Math 141: Calculus 2
Instructor: Joe Erickson (erickson@bucks.edu)
Textbook: Calculus, 2nd Ed., by Briggs & Cochran
Term: Spring 2016

Announcements for Section E59

February 8 - In the Resources section of the site (link below) you can see old exams. The first exam from Fall 2015 has, on the second page, a list of 19 formulas. These are the same formulas you'll see on Exam #1 this semester (which becomes available at testing centers in a couple of days).

January 22 - The syllabus has been changed to include an updated span of dates for when the final exam may be taken.

January 21 - Office hours are now in the syllabus. Note: this course does not use Canvas!

January 20 - A couple of dates have been fixed in the Orientation, which is in the syllabus below.

January 16 - The syllabus for the spring online course is below, as is the assignment sheet.

Announcements for Section N82

January 21 - Announcements in this box are for the TTh evening class. Note the section N82 syllabus below, which now has exam dates included.

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