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Math 141: Calculus 2
Instructor: Joe Erickson (erickson@bucks.edu)
Textbook: Calculus, 2nd Ed., by Briggs & Cochran
Term: Spring 2015

Announcements for Section E59

April 28 - The assignment sheet has been updated for the last time!

April 21 - The key to Exam #3, along with the exam itself, is now in the Resources section of the site.

April 15 - The assignment sheet below has been updated up to the end of Chapter 10.

April 2 - The assignment sheet below has been updated. There isn't much new compared with the old assignments that had been colored in gray, just an added emphasis on lots of practice.

March 27 - Exam #2 and its key are now in Resources (link below). Just picked up the exams from the office and will get them graded soon. This is one week later than usual because of the spring break that intervened last week.

March 6 - Exam #2 is available starting today, and it will have the same  formula sheet  as the previous exam. For Exam #2 the time limit will be 2.5 hours.

March 2 - Most Exam #1 scores will be sent out via BCCC e-mail by tomorrow, I believe. It doesn't usually take this long, but the deadline extensions along with the fact that I'm usually on campus only on Wednesdays conspired to stretch out the process.

February 28 - The key to Exam #1 is now in the Resources section of the site (link below).

February 24 - I'm extending the deadline to take Exam #1 again, out to Tuesday, February 24. This is a rare occurrence, but seems necessary because of the hateful weather. Now, this will drag out the process of getting grades out for this exam, but again it's rare. Make sure to show up at least two hours before a testing center is scheduled to close. If, for whatever reason, the testing center personnel tell you it's past the deadline to take the exam, the best advice I can give is to direct them to this announcement on this website.

February 18 - I've extended the deadline to take Exam #1 out to Saturday, February 21!

February 12 - The following formula sheet will be on the back side of Exam #1: formula sheet. Note this formula sheet is not identical to ones on past exams (it does not have a couple formulas involving logarithms for instance). No note cards are allowed. What formulas you need to memorize are those that are not on the sheet but you used to do homework. The homework did not cover the inverse hyperbolic functions, for example, and so formulas involving them need not be memorized. Note that the basic hyperbolic function identities are very similar to the familiar trigonometric identities. This is why no formulas are given for the hyperbolic functions.

January 20 - The assignment sheet (link below) has been partly updated for the 2nd edition of the textbook. At this point all assignments in Chapters 7 and 8 are up to date. Assignments for Chapters 9, 10, and 11 I'll get to later (which is why they're grayed out on the assignment sheet right now). Note: Exam #1 will cover sections 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.5, 7.6, and 7.7. At this point you can get started on the assignments in Chapter 7 right now.

January 18 - The syllabus for the Spring 2015 course is now available (link below). If you're going to use MyMathLab, the Course Name is Math141S15, and the Course ID is erickson46871. I put nothing in MyMathLab: not assignments, and not announcements. However I make it available for those who like to use it to access the textbook, solutions manual, and other features.

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