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Math 141: Calculus 2
Instructor: Joe Erickson (erickson@bucks.edu)
Textbook: Calculus, 2nd Ed., by Briggs & Cochran
Term: Summer 2015

Announcements for Section E31

July 10 - The last day to withdraw from the course is July 14. I will have Exam 2 scores out before then.

July 7 - Exam 2 and its key are now in the resources section of the site.

June 21 - Now that Exam 1 is over and done, I'll say a few things. First, indefinite integrals must have an arbitrary constant when worked out (it's worth 1 point). Second, some indefinite integrals must have an absolute value in the answer (also worth 1 point). Third (and this should really go without saying in a calculus course), you do have to show work where applicable. Fourth, you cannot survive this course by just memorizing the old exams. The upcoming exams will feature lots of new problems that are not on the old exams, especially since we are now using a new edition of the textbook. There's no way around it: you have to do the homework, and do it well, if passing the course is your goal.

June 19 - Exam 1 scores will start to go out tomorrow. The exam and its key are now in the resources section of the site (link below).

June 6 - This formula sheet will be on the back side of Exam #1. It's quite similar to the formula sheet you see on previous exams in the Resources section of the site.

June 3 - A few things I want to mention. First, the homework problems consist mainly of odd-numbered problems, with only the very occasional even-numbered problem. So usually a solution is available in the solution manual (located in MyMathLab). Also, as stated in the syllabus, you need to get your BCCC e-mail up and running since that is what I use to send out exam scores. This is not just for my convenience: it is a security precaution.

May 21 - The Orientation is contained within the syllabus (see link below), which has been updated for the summer online course.

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