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Math 141: Calculus 2
Instructor: Joe Erickson (erickson@bucks.edu)
Textbook: Calculus, 2nd Ed., by Briggs & Cochran
Term: Summer 2016

Announcements for Section E31

July 10 - Exam #2 and its key are in Resources now. Still waiting for most exams to come in from the various testing centers.

June 14 - Exam #1 and its key are in the Resources area of the site (link below). It is tagged as Exam 1E to distinguish it from Section N18's first exam. For Exam #2 it will once again be the case that calculators will not be allowed.

June 3 - The back side of Exam #1 will have the same list of formulas that was given on the Spring 2016 Exam #1. No other formula sheet will be allowed, and again, no calculators will be allowed during the exam. Expect the exam to take up to two hours to finish.

June 1 - As I said in the first mass mailing to everyone in the course, no calculators will be allowed on Exam #1.

May 26 - Section 7.4 of the Notes (linked to below) now has a little bit of content. The corresponding section in the textbook is Section 7.7. Hyperbolic functions appear frequently in applications, though the homework problems on the assignment sheet should make clear that we are not covering them in great depth.

May 24 - To be clear, this course does not use Canvas, and never will use Canvas. The use of MyMathLab is optional, as stated in the Orientation.

May 20 - Announcements for the 12-week summer online course will appear here. The syllabus for the course, which contains the Orientation, is to be found down below.

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