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Use the facts below and this raw video footage to write a voiceover about a fish kill and potential pollution problem in a local lake.

The Facts

  1. Lovely Lake, located about 10 miles west of your town/city, is a popular recreation and fishing site.

  2. The lake is approximately 5000 acres.

  3. During the spring and summer months, many families swim, boat, ski and fish at the lake.

  4. Last weekend, dead fish began washing up on the shore near the man-made beach area. More than 200 dead fish, some with sores around their mouths, have been found since the weekend.

  5. Your state's Department of Natural Resources has done some preliminary testing and said that while they're not certain what is killing the fish, the water is safe for boating and skiing. The DNR would not recommend swimming or fishing until the cause of the fish kill is determined.

  6. The Department is conducting several types of tests, including ones for water oxygen levels, raw sewage levels and lead poisoning. They are also testing for poisons and metals on the lake's bottom.

  7. They hope to have the results by the end of this week, so they can determine if it's safe for people to be on the water during the coming weekend - the busiest time for the lake.


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