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Premier Pro Tutorials


Welcome 1m 7s  

Using the exercise files 1m 42s  

1. Touring the Interface 27m 52s

WATCH THIS Launching the application for the first time 3m 27s  

WATCH THIS A tour of the interface 4m 55s  

Customizing the window layout and the interface 7m 0s  

Exploring the different ways to drive Premiere Pro CS6 4m 33s  

Understanding system configuration and the Mercury Playback Engine 3m 17s  

Adjusting essential preferences 4m 40s  

2. Importing

WATCH THIS Importing files and folders 11m 2s  

Importing card-based media 6m 1s  

Capturing from tape 4m 10s  

Organizing media 12m 3s  

Reconnecting offline media 6m 51s  

3. Marking and Selecting Clips

Basic editing overview 4m 44s  

Previewing and marking media in the Project panel 7m 11s  

Previewing and marking clips in the Source panel 9m 5s  

4. Basic Video Editing

WATCH THIS Editing clips into the Timeline 7m 56s  

WATCH THIS Marking and targeting destinations in the Timeline 2m 53s  

WATCH THIS Moving clips in the Timeline and performing a swap edit 4m 11s  

WATCH THIS Adjusting edit points in the Timeline 2m 6s  

WATCH THIS Splitting clips using the Razor tool 2m 16s  

WATCH THIS Deleting clips 2m 38s  

WATCH THIS Performing an insert edit 4m 14s  

Performing an overwrite edit 3m 9s  

Dragging to a second layer to edit cutaways 4m 14s  

5. Advanced Editing Techniques

Performing a three-point edit 7m 23s  

WATCH THIS Performing a replace edit 3m 48s  

WATCH THIS Targeting specific tracks in the Timeline 3m 1s  

WATCH THIS Linking and unlinking audio and video tracks 3m 51s  

Performing roll and ripple edits 6m 51s  

Performing slip and slide edits 6m 42s  

Creating subclips 4m 29s  

Locating and working with different versions of a clip using Match Frame   

6. Improving Your Efficiency and Editing Workflow

Taking control of your Timeline 7m 57s  

Adding video and audio tracks 5m 32s  

Performing audio-only and video-only edits 4m 49s  

Changing track visibility and locking tracks 5m 41s  

WATCH THIS Rendering 7m 43s  

Using the History panel to undo multiple actions 2m 31s  

Creating keyboard shortcuts 5m 35s  

Creating buttons 3m 3s  

7. Basic Audio Mixing

WATCH THIS Working with audio 5m 22s  

Adjusting audio levels in the Source Monitor 3m 0s  

WATCH THIS Adjusting audio levels in the Timeline 10m 10s  

WATCH THIS Adjusting the audio mix on the fly 4m 56s  

8. Markers

Inserting markers 4m 8s  

Snapping markers to each other 4m 56s  

9. Working with Stills and Graphics

Working with stills 10m 57s  

Moving on stills 5m 54s  

Exporting and re-importing stills 3m 47s  

Working with still and animated graphics with transparency 2m 39s  

Working with layered Photoshop files 6m 35s  

10. Modifying Speed

Changing speed and reversing a clip 6m 22s  

Changing speed at a variable rate 9m 10s  

Creating and using freeze frames 5m 26s  

11. Transitions

WATCH THIS Using transitions 9m 36s  

Understanding the nuances of transitions 6m 23s  

Modifying transitions 8m 37s  

Setting default transitions and applying multiple transitions 3m 45s  

12. Effects

Applying and modifying effects 4m 51s  

Applying presets and motion effects 5m 42s  

Saving favorites 3m 50s  

Understanding color correction 4m 4s  

Using adjustment layers 3m 23s  

Working with green screen and chroma key footage 6m 36s  

WATCH THIS Using the Warp Stabilizer to stabilize clips 6m 27s  

Applying filters to audio 1m 43s  

13. Creating Titles

WATCH THIS Creating static titles 7m 8s  

Creating lower thirds 10m 2s  

Creating a credit roll and crawls 6m 41s  

Using Photoshop for titles 3m 54s  

14. Multicam

Introducing multicam editing 1m 46s  

Creating a multicam clip with timecode 3m 25s  

Creating a multicam clip using sync points 4m 1s  

Editing a multicam clip in a Timeline 4m 26s  

Refining a multicam edit 6m 22s  

15. Exporting

WATCH THIS Exporting a movie  

WATCH THIS Sending to Adobe Media Encoder 3m 44s  

Printing to video 1m 55s