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How to Create an Online Portfolio

All Jour175 students are required to create an online portfolio of the stories they've written for the Centurion student newspaper.  

Here's how to create the portfolio using, which is free and very easy to use. 

Go to and create a username and password for yourself. If you already have a Gmail account, you can use your Gmail username and password to login. 

Once you login, look for the "new blog" button on the left. Click that. You will then be asked to create a name and a URL for your portfolio. Be as specific as possible. If you try to create a URL that's too general, chances are it will have been taken already. (Remember, the URL has to be all one word.) 

Next you will see a button that says "new post." Click that and you will see a box where you can create a title for your post, along with a much larger box where you can post the story itself. 

In an alternate tab, go to the Centurion website at:

You can find one of the stories you've written for the paper by entering keywords from the story into the search box at the top right. Once you've found one of your stories, if you click on your byline it should show all the stories that you've written for the paper. 

Starting with the first article, copy the headline of your story and paste it into the title bar in Blogger. Then, copy the lead paragraph of your story and paste it into the large story box.  

At the end of your lead, write the words "Read more." Then drag your cursor across read more and click the link button in the toolbar above. You will get a box asking you to paste a hyperlink. Go back to your story on the Centurion website, then paste it into the hyperlink box on

(It's good to post a link to the original story so that editors can see that your article was actually published on a legitimate news website, and not just on your personal blog.) 

Now it's time to add a picture. If there is a picture that went with your article on the Centurion website, save it to your computer desktop. Then, in Blogger, click the picture icon on the toolbar. On the "add images" box that pops up, click "choose files" and navigate to the desktop where you have saved your picture. Click on the picture, upload it to your blog, then add it to your post. Pictures look best when they are posted at the top right, so if you want to move your picture there, simply click on the picture and drag it to that spot. 

Once you have your headline, your lead paragraph with the link to your original story, and a picture uploaded to the post, click the "publish" button. Congratulations! You've created your first portfolio post. Repeat this step for each of the stories you've written on the Centurion website.

You can also change the look of your portfolio by choosing from among the many different themes offered on Simply click the "theme" button on the left-hand menu and choose which theme you want to use. For an online portfolio used for job applications, I recommend a fairly conservative, professional look. 

When you finish your portfolio, send me the link. I will use this as part of my evaluation of your work for your final grade.