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Important things to keep in mind when doing stories for the Centurion:


If you sign up to do a story, be sure to get it in, on time. If the story falls through, let us know ASAP.


All articles should be a MINIMUM of 500 words.


All articles should have your name on them.


All articles that involve getting student opinions on a topic - what do they think of the weather, etc.  - should have quotes from AT LEAST five different students. One or two is not enough.


To you get student quotes you need to go out around campus - the Linksz Pavilion, the cafeteria, the Gateway lobby and the Fireside Lounge are good places - and interview them. Interviewing a few Centurion staffers in the newsroom is not enough.

When you quote a student you must include their full name, age, major and where they live.
Example: Jane Smith, 18, a communications major from Yardley, said...


If you quote a professor or someone else who works on campus, just include their job title.
Example: Tony Rogers, a journalism professor at Bucks, said...

Always refer to the college as Bucks, not BCCC.


Never use the first person "I" in news stories.


Always include plenty of background information in your stories. If you get information from the Internet, be sure to attribute it to the website where you found it.