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My Favorite Links
In no particular order, here are some of the sites that I come back to again and again:

1. Mosaic Records: www.mosaicrecords.com/

This is a site that all jazz fans should (no, make that must) visit. Mosaic is the definitive producer of comprehensive and meticulously researched boxed sets. All sets are limited editions and available only by mail order. Warning: they are pricey (but worth every penny.) Visit once and your bank account will never be the same again.

2. American Psychological Association: www.apa.org/

The place to start for any research on a topic in psychology. Great links to other psych resources on the net plus many resources from the APA itself.

3. Stanley Milgram Website: www.stanleymilgram.com/

The most famous experiment in the history of social psychology has an excellent and comprehensive website.

4. The Stanford Prison Experiment: www.prisonexp.org/

The second most famous experiment in social psychology.

5. The Jigsaw Classroom: www.jigsaw.org/

Elliot Aronson's jigsaw classroom is a model example of theory into practice. The results have made a difference in classrooms from elementary through college.

6. The All Music Guide: www.allmusic.com/

One stop site for reviews, discography, and artist profiles. 




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