Distance Learning: Intro to Psychology

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Introduction to Psychology
Distance Learning: Intro to Psychology
Integration of Knowledge

Course Materials:

Wood, S.E., Wood, E.G., & Boyd, D. (2003). Mastering the world of psychology. Boston: Allyn & Bacon. [Course text]

Discovering Psychology.  The Annenberg/CPB Collection. [Video Series]

Course Goals:

It is my intention that at the end of this course you will have:


Mastered the vocabulary, basic methodology, and some of the basic research findings and theory of the major areas of inquiry in psychology.


An appreciation of Psychology as a field of study that is marked by its diversity of ideas, opinions, philosophies, and (sometimes) prejudices.

More generally, and most importantly, it is my intention that by taking this course you will have gained an additional way to think about the questions that most concern you.  More than likely these questions have to do with understanding yourself and your place in the world around you.  Psychology does not have all the answers.  But, psychology can give you a useful set of concepts and ideas for searching out the answers.  In this way, psychology takes its place along with history, literature, philosophy, the natural sciences, and the other disciplines as one tool in the tool kit of the life-long learner.  Welcome to the journey!

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