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General Information

Professor of Mathematics Bucks County Community College
Mathematics Coordinator

    Office: Founders 121    Office Hours:  by appointment.

 Phone: 215-968-8309    Fax: 215-968-8294    email:

A. Online Option

B. Face-to-Face Option

  1) Scroll down and click on the link for your online course orientation. Once you watch this, print out the slides. You can print them as handouts with 3 or 6 per page.

    2) Register in the Internet tool for your course. Access the first Internet assignment and be sure your computer is correctly set up. This step must be done for each computer you will be working on. You may also work on computers located at any of the three campuses for Bucks County Community College.

    3) Begin to work on text assignments.  

    4) Complete the first online assignment 


 5) I will be doing optional small group optional face-to- face orientations. 


6) I am happy to meet with any student at times throughout the semester but it is important that you get an early start to the course.  


Send me an email at to let me know how you will satisfy the orientation requirement. (Totally online, time of face to face meeting).

Click the link found below to access a Power Point online orientation for your course. You may want to print this presentation out as a handout with 3 or 6 slides per page. If you do not have the PowerPoint program, you may also need a PowerPoint viewer which you can download free at 

Elementary Statistics Online Orientation



click on Distance Learning to view Math 115 orientation

Summer 2009 Welcome Letter

Basic Course Information

Assignment Sheet - Summer 2009

Internet tool is CourseCompass with MyMathLab

Course code for Summer 2009 is FARBER40903

Textbook is Elementary Statistics, Picturing the World 4e by Larson and Farber

Be sure to get a CourseCompass individual access code. It comes free with new books from the bookstore.

If you are able to accomplish this, you are off to a good start. Contact me by email and we can decide if a face to face meeting is necessary. I suggest you start as soon as possible. You can always finish the course early. It is important to stay in contact with me. Feel free to ask questions or make comments. Be sure to include your course number in the subject line (as  and sign your full name.  
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