C o o r d i n a t e s   (2,6,0)

Math 260: Linear Algebra
Instructor: Joe Erickson (erickson@bucks.edu)
Textbook: Introduction to Linear Algebra, 2nd ed., by Serge Lang
Term: Summer 2016

Announcements for Section N59

August 15 - Final course grades were posted on WebAdvisor a couple days ago, and can be accessed through the college website.

August 13 - Exam #3 and its answer key are in the Resources area of the site now.

August 8 - The assignment sheet is finished.

August 5 - The assignment sheet has again been updated. All that remains is to get the assignment for Lang's section 8.4 figured out, though I can say it will include the problems in section 6.6 of the notes. It would be a good idea to get as much of the assignments for sections 8.1 and 8.2 done before Tuesday as possible...because Crunch Time. Note that we are skipping section 8.3, at least. Also I threw out section 7.5.

August 2 - The assignment sheet has been updated.

July 27 - Exam #2 will take place on August 2, covering the sections indicated on the syllabus. Also, in the notes, there has been a change in notation: the symbol "Mat" is no longer used to indicate a set of matrices. The explanation for the new notation is on page 22 of the notes (or see the symbol glossary on the last page).

July 26 - Exam #1 and its answer key are in the Resources area of the site now (link below).

July 21 - The assignment sheet has been updated some.

July 14 - The syllabus has been revised to show section 3.3 now appearing on Exam #2.

July 12 - Okay, let's move Exam #1 to Tuesday, July 19. Also, in the assignment sheet I have to clarify that something like 1-21 means to do all problems from 1 to 21, and not just the odd-numbered problems. The statement originally at the bottom of the assignment sheet was not appropriate for the book we’re currently using.

July 7 - I updated section 1.6 of the Notes a little bit. Also the assignment sheet has been updated.

May 5 - The little yellow book we'll be using is the 2nd edition of Introduction to Linear Algebra by Serge Lang. This should not be confused with the 3rd edition of Linear Algebra by Serge Lang, which is also a little yellow book, but somewhat more advanced.

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