C o o r d i n a t e s   (1,2,0)

Math 120: College Algebra
Instructor: Joe Erickson (erickson@bucks.edu)
Textbook: College Algebra, 11th Ed., by Lial, Hornsby, Schneider, Daniels
Term: Fall 2014

Announcements for Section EN5

November 21 - Exam #1 scores have been sent out by BCCC e-mail. The exam and its key are in the Resources section of the site (link below).

November 9 - Hello! Just a reminder that Exam #1 is currently available at BCCC testing centers, and you have until November 13 to get the exam done. I'm allowing up to 2 hours to do the exam, which should be more than enough time.

October 19 - If you're in Section E60, you're looking in the wrong announcement box! If you're in the Intersession 2015 online Math 120 course (which is Section EN5), you're in the right announcement box. And here's the announcement: below is the Section EN5 syllabus, which contains the Orientation. Read through it thoroughly to get started in the course. Overall I try to keep things fairly simple.

Announcements for Section E60

November 16 - Exam #3 scores have been sent out by BCCC e-mail.

November 13 - Exam #3 and its key are now accessible in Resources (link below).

October 22 - I foresee sending out Exam #2 scores sometime this Friday, October 24. Also, the key to Exam #2 is now in the Resources section of the site.

September 29 - Exam #1 scores have been sent out by BCCC e-mail. The key to the exam has been updated a little bit to fix a couple things I caught tonight.

September 24 - Exam #1 and its key are now accessible in Resources (link below)

September 16 - If you come to the testing center and find no exam there, that'll be because it's still at the STEM department office in Founders Hall. If you tell the testing center staff this, it should get sorted out.

September 15 - Exam #1 will become available to take on September 17, but watch this space in case there is any last-minute change of plans (though I do not foresee any).

August 26 - Okay, a kind Pearson Publishing representative cleared up my problems, and the MyMathLab Course Name is Math120F14, and the Course ID is erickson49193.

August 26 - This is the website for the Fall 2014 distance learning course Math 120 section E60. The syllabus for the course (link below) is complete except for the MyMathLab course ID. I'm working on that, but I'm having problems with the publisher at the moment. However, the syllabus does contain the Orientation, which is just a couple of pages of simple reading!

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