Cleveland, Ohio (AP)--Wendy 0. Williams, punk rock star was charged with pandering obscenity following a Jan. concert in Cleveland. Williams is the leader of the Plasmatics.

She was accused of appearing on stage wearing a bikini type bottom with black tape covering her nipples and shaving cream on her body from the waist up that allegedly came off during her preformance. Williams was also accussed of making suggestive gestures with a sledge hamrnar and a microphone.

Pandering obscenity is a first degree misdemeaner, carrying a maximum penalty of 6 months in jail and a one thousand dollar fine. A five man, three woman jury was chosen yesterday and the trial will begin today. The prosecutions case against the 29 year old entertainer was expected to include a video tape of the January 21 show at the Agora nightclub and testimony from police officers from the vice squad department who attended the preformance.

Miss Williams, calling the charges a "collossal waste of tax-payer's money" appeared in municipal court sporting a black-on-blonde mohawk hair cut and wearing a black leather jacket and skin tight red pants. The courtroom was packed with reporters and spectaters, including young Plasmatics fans dressed in tee shirts, jeans, leather jackets, and chains.

The rest of Miss William's bank set in the court room.

Other spectaters, including some disappointed fans hoping for a close up view of Williams crowded the hallway out side the court room and pressed against the doors for a look inside.

Record company officials standing near by conteded that publicity from the case would

--not hurt William's career but insisted that she is serious about fighting the charges. "She didn't start it, remember" said Bruce Kirkland president of Stiff America, Williams' record company. "She didn't ask to be arrested. We feel the whole thing is pretty ridiculus Kirkland said.

Attomies for Williams said the charge was "vague and overbroad". A Plasmatics spokesman said her preformance was mild compared to stripe shows operating in Cleveland Ohio and other cities.