The new campus web site is up and running. Attempting to make it’s appearance this past fall semester the new site has made it’s appearance for spring 2001.

Director of Academic Computing, Marilyn Puchalski explained why the site was not available to students until now. "We wanted a site where important information was no more than 2 clicks away." Puchalski explained. The BCCC web advisory committee designed such a site through on-line surveys completed last spring. Puchalski continued and stated, "It’s a process, colleges and universities function differently than corporate companies, process is as important as product."

The web site advisory group consisted of faculty and staff who helped guide the process. They spent time with the survey results. They identified how the information should be organized for the convenience of students. Organizing so much information is a lengthy process.

Through the surveys the committee learned the library was the most frequently used page from the old site. The library now has it’s own link completely redesigned on the new web site. Distance learning also has its own primary link on the new site. All pages and jump pages of the new site had to be proof read during the reconstruction process. It was more work than could be completed over the summer.

The delay was also brought on by other projects which were already underway with the design company Paskill and Stapleton that was hired to create the new site. The company was also creating school brochures and course guides which needed to be finished first.

Photographs of students for the new web site and school brochures needed to be taken and sorted. The site needed pictures of students and the campus. Journalism instructor Tony Rogers who joined the web advisory committee last fall explained the reasoning behind a new site. Rogers illustrated, "The old site was fine, but could have a better appearance…".

Rogers explained the committee’s choice of three designs for the new site. The choices consisted of a campus building, many student faces, and the design that was chosen. The new design was simply more appealing to the eye.

The new site appeals to students of Buck’s and potential students. It offers information on the school and its courses, but also allows students to use site in their course of study. "The FAQ still needs some work", Puchalski said, but other than that and a few small other areas which need work the site is up and running.