Kenneth Wlm. Luchsinger, 45, was arrested April 6th after police responed to a domestic violence call at 1328 Minot Avenue in Croydon. The first officer an the scene was officer james Tully of the Bristol Township police Department. When the officer arrived he discovered victim Kari Luchsinger, 19, running out of her house with visibly bleeding from her mouth and swollen redness around her eye. “She told me that her father was intoxicated and out of control so I immediatelty secured her ands walked toewards the house,” said Tully. As the officer walked closer to the door the mother Lori Luchsinger came running out screaming “He’s got a gun, and my 12-year-old daughter is in there. My main concern at that point was thatr I had an unsecured resident in the house,” said Tully. After the officer heard this he pulled out his gun and approached the door. Kari’s father, Kenneth Luchsinger, 45, came to the door screaming and cursing with his hands in an attacking position and then he came barreling out of the house. “I saw thaqt he no longer had a gun in his possession so I went to secure my weapon, while doing so I lost my balance and fell of the step to the ground and Luchsinger attacked me,” Tully said. Officer Tully struggled with Luchsinger for 15 minutres until he was able to regain his footing and sustain Luchsinger long enough to place him in handcuffs. Officer Tully’s backup showed up 20 mins. later and Luchsinger was taken into custody. The 44 caliber gun was recovered from inside the home. “That was the most intense situation I was ever in with no man power to back me up,” said Tully. Luchsinger was charged with aggravated assault, 2 counts of simple assaulkt, 2 counts of harassment, resisting arrest, and 3 counts of disorderly condiuct. When tully arrived back at the police station he began to realize he couldn’t mover his arm, He was sent to Lower Bucks hospital for an Mri and the results came backing showing he tore his rotor cuff and he had a tear in his bicep. Tully was out of work for 2 months to recover from his injuries. Tully has been a member of the Bristol Township police Department for 6 years. “This is a job that I love to do and if I didn’t I would be miserably doing it,” said Tully.