On Friday, Feb 23, Theatreworks USA performed SUPERFUDGE in the Gateway


    Judy Blume, the author of SUPERFUDGE has won many awards for writing

children's stories, which include The Children's Choice Award, The

International Reading Association, and The Children's Book Council.

    The story SUPERFUDGE is told from Peter's point of view. Being the oldest

child in the Hatcher Family, Peter 11, was known as the dependable one. Peter

was always helping out his parents by taking care of his younger brother

Farley Drexel, or as he preferred to be called, Fudge.

    Fudge is your typical 4-year-old. He constantly annoyed his older

brother. He even went as far as swallowing Peters turtle for attention.

    When the Hatcher Family decides to relocate to Princeton for one year, to

get out of busy New York City, Peter is not happy. He was upset that his

family had made such a huge decision with out talking to him first.

    After settling in and having school start Peter made new friends and is

finally happy.

    Fudge however, does not adjust as easily. Fudges kindergarten teacher

will only address him as Farley Drexel, not Fudge. Peter comes to save the

day as usual, and manages to get Fudge transferred to another class where the

teacher agrees to call him Fudge.

    The boys were getting along now and they finally came to accept their new

baby sister, Tootsie, and now it was time to move back to New York.

    While the boys were happy that they were returning home to New York City

they both realized that Princeton was not all that bad.

And Peter, realized that a brother like Fudge will always keep him on his

toes and isn't such a bad brother after all.