Professional Author and StoryTeller Robin Moore, visited BC3 for the first time of his

career to give a presentation on his view of how to be an affective modern-day storyteller.

Robin Moore visited BC3 in the Orangery on February 27, 2001 in the afternoon upon

which he gave a very visual perspective of the inner and outer worlds of storytelling.

During Moores’ visit he said, "When telling a story look back in your mind at a memory

while looking at your audience ; the outer world being you and your audience, and the inner

world being that you are looking back at your memory."memories."

While playing the Celtic Harp, Robin Moore told two examples of his stories and a

dreamed memory he had of him and his grandfather.

One of his stories told of a hairy woman who lived up in the mountains of a lonely island

until one day a man arrived. Fascinated by the way the man could cook, the hairy woman grows

fond of this man. They even end up having a baby together.

The other example he told was of a princess who had hair that her father, the king,

completely adored. The king had chosen her to be the queen, but she would not stand for it. So

she leaves and later she becomes a queen of another kingdom.

Moore then told of his dreamed memory of him and his grandfather. He said they went

fishing every summer and one day Robin caught a fish. His grandfather put it in a bucket full of

water and they took the fish home. But they did not eat that fish that Robin caught because his

grandfather heard that if you give the fish some time of training he could end up following the

family around.

That was a dreamed memory Moore called it because he had never gone fishing with his

grandfather one time at all. However, Moore had dreamed of how much he would have liked to

have gone fishing with his grandfather.

Robin Moore started his professional storytelling career in 1981 where he began his

idealistic stories. He became a well known author internationally do to his imagination and very

well developed ideas of keeping an audiences’attention. He has written many books and

developed listening tapes for all ages. For interests in Robin Moore’s work, he has a website at

Moore first went to Penn State where he earned a Journalism Degree while working for a

newspaper and as a magazine editor. He left this career to be a well known author and storyteller.

Many thanks to Jim Freeman of the Language and Literature Department at BC3 for

inviting Robin Moore through a cultural incentive grant from the Cultural Affairs Committee.