The topic of discussion was about sex in the Sex Education Day workshop at Bucks County Community College.

Allison Bellavance, a graduate student at Widener University was the speaker today in a workshop about the topic of sex. Subject matter included discussion about sexually transmitted infections and practices for safer sex.
Initially, the workshop started off with setting ground rules for the discussion within the workshop. "We are talking about sex, which for some people is a sensitive topic, be mature, be appropriate," Bellavance stated.
Those attending were informed of the resource table that contained informational pamphlets, contraceptives as well as condoms that were available for free.

Majority of students who were in attendance were from a Life and Health class. Steven Coyne teaches Health and Physical education at Bucks County Community College. Coyne thought it would be a good opportunity to have his class attend the workshop.
The next area of study for class was sexually transmitted diseases. Coyne opted to have students attend the workshop since it would segue way nicely into sexual education.

Students were encouraged to be interactive by listing the effects of sexually transmitted infections by writing a paper that hung on the wall what they knew about the symptoms of STIs; which were curable and which were treatable.
Long term effects of STIs were discussed and what could be done to prevent acquiring sexual diseases.

Students in a group setting worked interactively in an activity entitled "The Condom Line Up." The exercise required two separate groups to work together to correctly order the process of a safe, consensual sexual experience.
"The aim of the day is to give students a chance to ask questions if they have any and to come to different fun workshops on topics that, you know, hopefully will appeal to people" Bellavance says.

Presentation of the workshop was modeled after a program at Rutgers University. "It's actually an idea that I got because of Rutgers University does it for all their Med students. For a whole week all the med students go to programming that is all different topics on sex ed."

In another smaller sized workshop Bellavance presented scenarios dealing with communication issues common in relationships and problem solving approaches that address the problem.

Allison Bellavance works out of the Planned Parenthood in Bucks County. She is the director of Education there.

Bellavance also works as a supervisor of The Rainbow Club in Doylestown, Pa. The club caters to 14-21 year olds who are Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual or Transgender (LGBT). It is a program of at the Planned Parenthood in Bucks County.
Bellavance plans to return to Bucks to speak about LGBT issues in sociology classes and will be coordinating with Max Probst, who runs The Open door Club.

Allison Bellavance can be reached at 215-957-7981 extension 5449 for questions.