The KTYL television broadcasting club was approved Tuesday Oct.2. The new club will be open to all BCCC students regardless of major.


Initially they will attempt to air a show once a week and hope to expand and increase their out put. Specific airing times have yet to be determined.


Heffren wants the club to"serve to promote student life." By doing features on other clubs the KTYL club hopes to attract students to the many activities and organizations of BCCC.


In addition to the features KTYL also hopes to produce a talk show. However the club is in its infancy and is looking for any ideas and members. Anyone with an interest should call Shannon Heffren at 215-3400873.


KTYL is open to anyone attending Bucks. Even though Heffren says she wants to do serious programming, the club is looking to enjoy themselves while learning. "We have fun a because we like what we do," says the club President.


Training on video equipment will be provided to anyone interested. Also production assistants and programming organizers are welcome.


KTYL Television and Broadcasting Club advisor and communications professor Ron Feeback has supported the club from the beginning.


The formation of his club is a large step for the Communications dept. and shows a tremendous level of interest and enthusiasm from the students in that department.