Fix the incorrect AP Style in the following sentences.

1. We left at eleven o'clock in the morning.

2. The movie the kings speech won several oscars.

3. I received a ten% raise in Jan.

4. Police arrested 7 drug dealers at 11 PM on Belview St.

5. The bellmore corporation experienced a twenty-three percent drop in revenue in Sept. of two thousand ten.

5. Have you seen the play "les miserables"?

6. That girl is nineteen years old.

7. He's a Communications major but is thinking of switching to Journalism.

8. At the press conference, mayor Bill Jackson said the city has a three and a half million dollar budget deficit.

9. Det. Janet Herbinger said the robbery occurred at the corner of 13th St. and Elm St.

10. The lecture will be held on October 29th at seven pm.