Fix the incorrect AP Style in the following sentences.

1. He lives at eleven thirty seven Main street.

2. The meeting is at five o'clock.

3. On may 25th the book club will discuss the Great Gatsby.

4. Can you lend me five dollars to buy a slice at tony's italian cafe?

5. The speed limit is thirty-five miles an hour, but he's going forty-five in his ford.

5. The gun man opened fire outside rex's Bar and grill on south haverford st.

6. The company he works for, microsoft corporation, raised his salary sixteen%.

7. We met her at ten AM at the corner of Melbourne and Elm Streets.

8. He's a Business major but he's taking 2 english classes this semester.

9. Matt Smith, an eighteen year-old German major, said he loves Centerville college.

10. The New York city police department is the largest police force in the u.s.