Picture walking into your favorite fast food restaurant late at night for a midnight

snack, and having it almost become your final meal. This was the case for customers of

the Burger Boy located at 1125 Gorham Avenue.

It's reported that just before the closing of the Burger Boy two suspects, described

as white males, in their mid 20s, wearing black or gray trench coats, approached the

register and pulled guns from under their coats. The first suspect ordered the present two

customers and six employers to lay down, with the exception of the cashier, who was

being ordered by the second suspect to put all the money from the registers into a bag.

After bagging the money the two gunmen continued to terrorize the victims inside. The

gunmen walked around taunting them with threats to kill them, and held their guns to the

back of victim's heads, says Sgt. Wilbur Keflchen. The taunting continued for 20 minutes

before they would leave the Burger Boy and drive off.

After the men had driven off the cashier made the call to 911. At 12:50, almost an

hour after the men entered the Burger Boy, several police and squad cars arrived at the

scene. Sgt. Keflchen reports the weapons held by the gunmen appear to have been sawed­

off shotguns. Thankfully there were no injuries to any of the eight people inside. The

money taken is an undetermined amount, but the value of those victim's lives is priceless.

It's a shame that now-a-days you have to think twice before going out for a midnight snack, but this story is enough to make you lose your appetite.