Guest speaker at the Hotel Luxe collapses at the podium giving a speech held by the Centerville Chamber of Commerce on fad dieting, today.
Dr. Wiley Perkins’ speech focused on the unsuccessful side of fad dieting. “Many of these diets leave dieters dehydrated, undernourished and weak. Some leave them with arteries more clogged than they were before,” said Dr. Perkins.
Perkins’ solution: cutting caloric intake and increasing energy expenditure. “In other words, eat less, exercise more,” says Perkins.
Dr. Perkins stands by his dietary methods. He runs three miles a day and limits his daily caloric intake to 2,000 calories.
“The best way—the only way—to shed weight is to cut your caloric intake while increasing your energy expenditure,” said Dr. Perkins, to the 100 area businessmen and women.
Perkins, a 62-year-old cardiologist and expert on physical fitness, from nearby Farber General Hospital, died of a heart attack shortly after he was taken to Farber General Hospital.