Since 2006 Facebook had swept the world with its unique way of knowing what everyone is doing at all times. With many transitioning from MySpace people have found that Facebook has a sophisticated way of social networking. From TV shows to school professors, its hard to find someone without a Facebook. With that being said Facebook had found ways to keep up with the times and change some of its ways. But how is Bucks and the rest of the world reacting.

Lately Facebook has been having many changes to its setup. No one knows why the changes have accured but our Bucks students have a lot to say about it. Phil Smith, 22 a cinema and video production major had had a Facebook for 5 years and says "I really dont notice the changes everything still seems regular to me." He also said that the people at Facebook are just doing that to keep everyone interested in login on. "I just go with the flow, when Facebook changes I just learn how to work it its no big deal" John Baxter 19, a physical therapy major from Bensalem said. Both students thought that without the changes that Facebook is making, people will get bored and stop going on. They also felt that its a good way to really know what all your friends are doing and that inspires them to log on.

But on the other hand many Bucks student are not interested in the changes, and some dont like it. "Theres no privacy. As soon as you post something everyone sees it," Steve Johnson, 19 a biology major commented. He explained that "you can Facebook, while you Facebook," meaning that you are seeing updates all over your screen every second you are logged in. "I don't need Facebook telling me whats interesting and what's not interesting" Nancy Colins, a 19 year old engineering major said. She also said that she had a Facebook for three years and the only reason why she has a Facebook is too keep in touch with old and new friends, but it hard to do that when everything keeps changing.

Privacy is a major issue to all the students who are against the Facebook changes. They find themselves having to change their privacy setting daily because they notice that all their information is on someone elses news feed. Because of the unwanted changes it has made some students join or log on to other social networking websites like Twitter and Tumblr because of the simplicity and privacy.

To every win there is a loss and while some people are hating the changes many are not affected in any way at all and like the changes. But in the end Facebook is a worldwide phenomenon and with or without the changes and updates it is still one of the world most talked about topic and its not going anywhere.