Two suspects flee from police January 2nd at 4:25 after they attempted to hit officers with their vehicle.

The two suspects were leaving a motel after a theft from within the building in their vehicle when approached by police officers. The suspects headed straight toward officers in the vehicle however; the officers were able to jump out of the way just in time.

After leaving the motel parking lot the suspects hit a curb at Ocean Avenue and Arizona Avenue. This crash resulted in the deployment of their air bags. At this point the suspects decided to abandon their vehicle and run on foot. The suspects were then witnessed by people on the street heading in a westerly direction from the point of the accident. This witness called police who were then able to set up a perimeter and search for the suspects.

Police K-9 unit “Duke” was able to find the suspects hiding in the area. The suspects were identified as Timothy James Kirkpatrick 25 of Westlake Village and Megan Jean Fitzpatrick 22 of West Hills.

Both suspects were transferred to Santa Monica Jail. The witnesses were able to identify them as the suspects who fled from the accident. They were both booked on several charges. Charges include assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer, burglary, and an outstanding felony arrest warrant. Kirkpatrick’s outstanding warrant was for robbery, burglary, and a parole violation. Fitzpatrick’s was for grand theft and probation violation. Both suspects were arraigned and no bail is set.