At 11:55 am police were dispatched to the Oxford Valley Target Store to investigate a shop lifting accident that lead to the suspects pulling out a gun on Target Security.

Patrolman Daniel R. Buckley of the Middletown Township was the main officer involved in this case. He states that four suspects pulled up to the store in a Gold Chevrolet Impala, year undetermined. They events that followed were due to a recent decline in money to support their drug habit.
Upon pulling up to the Target department store the suspects then preceded to park the vehicle in the fire lane. Two of the four suspects existed the car while the other two waited in the vehicle. The two suspects who entered the store were male and female.

The suspects who entered the store were wearing long coats to conceal the layers of clothing underneath. The long coats also provided the suspects a way in which to conceal stolen merchandise. The two suspects walked around the store for several minutes deciding on what they would likely steal. The two suspects decided on an expensive telephone from the electronics department.

Upon their exist the woman suspect had the stolen merchandise beneath her coat, which she proceeded to rise above security gates as to not activate the alarm. The woman’s technique however was spotted by Target security. They were quickly stopped by the security officers on duty and asked to step into the officer where an officer would place them under arrest and send them to jail. The suspects had other ideas in mind. The male suspect pulled out what patrolman Buckley called a pistol on the security officers. The two then proceeded to the waiting vehicle and were able to escape Target security.

Due to Targets advanced security system the two of the four suspects were later apprehended. When Patrolman Buckley arrived on scene he and Target security reviewed the tapes from that morning. While watching the security tapes Patrolman Buckley noticed that the vehicle involved in this shop lifting incident was registered in the state of New Jersey.

Pennsylvania patrolmen Buckley remembered that he had a friend in New Jersey and gave Officer Pasquale a call. Pasquale ran the plates and found that they belonged to a female in Trenton New Jersey. He then sat on the house for several hours. When no one came back with the vehicle he knocked on the door and was confronted by an elderly woman. He then briefed the woman on what had occurred and asked if she knew who had the car and where it was located. The woman was able to identify the car as her own, claiming that her grand daughter had borrowed it and not yet returned. The woman was able to provide an address as to the location of her granddaughter and her friends. The officers sat on the house and arrested two of the four suspects. They identified the female suspect who entered the store as Pamela Zema 39, of Middletown Township and Michael Whited 41, of Middletown Township.

Patrolman Buckley got a warrant out for their arrest on February 5, 2005. The two were picked up later that day at a drug house in Trenton, New Jersey. The two served four months at Mercer County facilities in New Jersey. Both suspects spent four months and waived extraditions to Pennsylvania courts were they are both awaiting trial.

Zema who went to school and graduated with Patrolman Buckley’s sister went to his mothers home and asked for her to thank him for arresting her and her companion. Her companion also graduated in patrolmen Buckley’s own class. Buckley says this in no way represents his class they just happened to be two bad apples from his past.