One criminal committing two different crimes, in two different states stands behind bars tonight after police arrest Fred Jackson for what they thought was only for theft.

Sergeant Richard Smith states, Fred Jackson, a 37 year old man who lives in Elkins Park in Abington, Pennsylvania, stands behind bars in Bucks County Prison after being caught for theft.

Jackson's job was not a hard one at all. He was to stand outside on York Road in the Warminster Square shopping center, advertising for the Verizon Wireless store that is located within the shopping center. He was a subcontractor employee and was told to do nothing but advertise outside.

Business owners began to realize that items from the storage room were beginning to go missing and had reported the loss of the items to the Warwick Police Department. It was Jackson who had stolen four iPhones that equaled out to be about $2000 in retail. He was sneaking into the storage room during working hours, where he was told to never go into.

At about 5:30 PM on Saturday June 4, when police arrived to talk to Jackson on the side of York Road during his shift, Jackson took off running on foot. Though, he did not make it to far, the police soon caught him.

After being caught, Jackson was than taken to Warwick Police Department. When arriving at the station Jackson claimed he had a mental issue and felt dizzy. Police, under health rules, had to take him to the Doylestown Hospital, where he was directed straight to the emergency room. Jackson's results came out normal, and showed no sign of a mental issue.

Leaving Doylestown Hospital, he was than driven to Warminster Police Department where he received a live scan, the new electronic scanner for fingerprints where it is transported into the police database. While at the station, Jackson also received an online judge. This meaning that he was not taken to court but instead got his charges from over the computer.

After talking with the judge, police later found that Jackson was wanted back in the state of Michigan for burglary and home invasion. Michigan held a detainer for him, for Jackson never got time for his other criminal charges.

The judge stated that once Jackson is done with his charges in Pennsylvania, he is to go back to Michigan to receive the other charges he never got for home invasion and burglary. After everything was all said and done it was about 2 AM back at the Warwick station before Jackson was transported to Bucks County Prison.

Jackson is on a $50,000 bail in Bucks County Prison, although he only needs to pay 10 percent, $5000, to get out of jail. Due to the fact of having no money, he is now stuck in jail till he goes back to Michigan.

Sergeant Vona, one of the officers during the whole incident, states, "This guy, if you look at his criminal record, has been committing crimes all his life. He has never had a substantial job."

He than goes on to add, "He knows the system better than we do, he has been doing this for much longer."