Freeport: Car Crash Kills Two Passengers

The accident happened at about 10:35 p.m. at the intersection of Broad

and Elm in Freeport last evening. Police say that a car load of four teenagers from the

local Freeport High School ,traveling north down Broad street, smashed into a car driving

west down Elm.73 year old Gladys Parker of Freeport was killed instantly as the car on

Broad ran a stoplight and broad sided her at the intersection. A passenger in the front seat

of the car with the teenagers was also killed in the crash. The police did not release the

names of the other three teenagers involved who were ran to the Freeport Hospital for

minor injurues, but they did say that Mayor John Smith of Freeport lost his son Peter

Smith in the crash as well. Police found beer cans in the teenagers car, but would not

specify that it was a factor involved in the crash.