FALCONVILLE - Last night's city council meeting was called to order with various issues that needed to be discussed and brought to order by citizens in town. 
The U.S. Coast Guard Auxillary officially declared this week "safe boating week" beginning June 29th and lasting until the 5th of July. There will be numerous safety courses available and is highly encouraged by all citizens that have and or operate boats to take these courses. 
Lenard Higdon, Director of Public works brought to the attention of the council that there are a few things that people might be trying to get away with that are not under procedure. Hank Thompson is building a cold storage dock but it has recently advanced too far past the allowed barrier 2 feet and has now come into the public's right of way. After voting on another issue about Joel Flemish's fence excess which is 2 feet higher than the allowed 6 feet, a total of $125 in permit and penalty fines has to be paid. Joel tried to build the fence at an illegal height without a permit. 
Mayor Henry Smith had a few issues of his own to bring up. For the past half a year, Falconville has been trying to establish a relationship with another city to be called Falconville's sister city. In 1956, the President of the U.S. decided it was a good idea to have cities of other nations along with U.S. cities to share contact with another. Malsch, Germany was picked to be Falconville's sister city and now we will share mail and personal contact along with planning activities with this city. 
Chief of Police, Toby Wanamaker let the citizens of Falconville know that the walking patrolmen that we have had in the past at little league games is going to be discontinued. When discussed among council, Mayor Smith decided that the city of Falconville simply cannot afford it any longer. The decision was made to have two way radios among game announcers incase of any emergency to contact policy easily. Parents argued that "Some parents act riminally when they dcont like the call of if they think you don't play their kid enough." Wanamaker says he sympathizes but does not believe that it is that big of a problem and that parents seldomly react in a physical way. 
Parking was discussed and has decided to be limited to 2 hours between 8a.m. and 6p.m. on all days except Sunday's and legal holidays. This is a rule going in affect on the north side of East Kern Street, between J Street and the alley. 
An upcoming event, the annual Falconville Gala will be held the last weekend of this month at 10a.m. VIP cars will be provided for each person on council. Also, congratulations to the City Staff Bowling Team on winning 1st place in their seasonal bowling league.