According to local Gallatin, Tennessee police, what was believed to be an attempted murder and parole violator suspect wanted in the state of Kentucky was arrested July 19th, 2006 without incident in Gallatin, According to Gallatin Police, Dathan Cofer, (identified as Colfer in the Gallatin police press release.) 25, of Bowling Green, Kentucky, had an outstanding warrant for Attempted 1st Degree Murder as well as Violation of Parole for the State of Kentucky.
However, after speaking to two representatives who declined to be quoted for reasons that it was public information at the Warren County, Kentucky Clerk’s office he was already sentenced on the 1st degree murder charge.
He was actually sentenced on three counts of Wanton Endangerment, amended from the 1st degree attempted murder in April of 2003. There was no jury trial as a result of the accused pleading guilty. His original date of arrest on the charges was in March of 2002. He was sentenced to 4 years apiece on each count.
According to Lt. Lamar Ballard who was at the scene of the arrest, “Kentucky State Police notified us that the suspect was seen in this area.” After receiving the tip, He also stated that roughly “a dozen police officers were at the scene” from Gallatin Police Department.
The police set up surveillance in the area surrounding 128 Deer Park Circle in Gallatin with the help of a Kentucky State Police Officer. According to Lt. Ballard, “The surveillance lasted approximately 35 minutes.” The suspect was then taken into custody without incident.
Lt. Ballard also noted that upon being taken into custody that although no weapons were discovered, a small amount of marijuana was found on the suspect; the amount was described as “not enough for resale.”
Cofer was transported to Sumner County Jail, where he was held pending transfer back to a Kentucky penal institution to face the charges. He has since been transferred to Warren County Jail where he is being held without bond. His current charges he is being held for, according to Bethany Crocker, administrative deputy at Warren County Jail, is “Failure to appear, case number 00-J-31, $300 cash bond, with a contempt of court attached to that charge. A second failure to appear, case number 00-J-840, with a bond of $200, also with contempt of court charge attached to that case as well. Parole violation, no bond, and he is also wanted in Jackson, Tennessee and has signed a waiver of extradition. The bond on that case, number 06-F-522, is $100, 000. “