updated 01/30/2013


1. President Obama this week called for a comprehensive overhaul of:

a) gun control laws      b) immigration       c) the tax code


2. Analysts say such an overhaul might be approved by Congress because of:

a) pressure on lawmakers resulting from the Newtown school shooting

b) the growing political clout of the nation's Hispanics

c) increasing frustration with the tax system


3. The Pentagon recently announced it _______ allow women to be in combat.

a) would          b) would not          c) might


4. More than 200 people were killed over the weekend in a nightclub fire in ______.

a) Argentina          b) Brazil         c) Colombia


5. Officials suspect ________ may have caused the blaze.

a) cigarettes

b) a faulty furnace

c) pyrotechnics used as part of a stage show