updated 09/03/2014


1. Who is the American journalist executed this week by Islamic militants?

a) Steven Sotloff          b) James Foley         c) Glenn Greenwald


2. The execution was in retaliation for:

a) U.S. support for Israel

b) U.S. airstrikes in Iraq

c) U.S. troops in Afghanistan


3. As best you can, explain what ISIS is.


4. A shooting range instructor in Arizona was killed recently after giving an Uzi submachine gun to:

a) an 80-year-old man          b) a 9-year-old girl          c) a 12-year-old boy


5. President Obama this week criticized Russia for unrest in:

a) Poland       b) the Czech Republic       c) Unraine

a) Argentina          b) Brazil         c) Colombia