Centurion Style Sheet

·       Bucks County Community College is always referred to as Bucks.

·       Punctuation goes inside the quotation.

“I like Bucks,” said 24-year-old Laura Irwin, a journalism major of Newtown. “But, I hate poor grammar.”

“Who wrote this,” asked Centurion editor Janine Logue.

·       Do not pull quotes or information from sites (even bucks.edu) without proper attribution.

·       Put your name on the top of your article.

·       Send articles to centurion@bucks.edu (Centurion) as well as journalism@bucks.edu (Tony).

·       Second reference for names is the last name only. No Doctor, Mr., President or Professor.

·       Dual Admissions is not a major. That’s a transferring student.

·       Student quotes require Name, Major, Age and Town.

·       Use AP stylebook. Check AP stylebook.

Titles, Dates, Acronyms, Second References and Measures are common mistakes.

·       If it already happened, it is past tense. “Said” not “Says.”

·       Most majors and titles are not capitalized.

Matt Cipriano, director of student life, said, “The Centurion is the 2007 student organization of the year!”

·       Stories must include at least five sources.

·       Use good quotes, not “typical Bucks student” quotes. Use information that is helpful to the story, not just filler.

·       Stories have a minimum of 500 words.

·       If you cannot finish your story by deadline (Noon, Wednesdays), you must notify the Centurion.

·       “Spell check” and read your stories before submission.  Does it sound good?

·       Use consistent second references.

·       Leads are one sentence introductions, 25-30 words in length.

·       Make sure your story includes all applicable of WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY AND HOW.