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Center College students will get a chance to learn more about Aids tonight.

The Center College Athletic Department, Issues Committee, and Metropolitan Drug Commission will co-sponsor a panel discussion entitled "HIV on College Campuses" at 7 p.m. tonight in the Student Center, room 200. Composing the panel are well-known people from many different professions.

The panelists will include: Greg Louganis, who has won four Olympic gold medal in (check name of sport); Dr. Abraham Smyth, an infectious diseas specialist from New York city; Scott Brown a Yale-trained lawyer and author of the book, "AillS Law Today and Legal Responses to AillS: An International Review"'; Terry Roberts, minister of the local Catholic Church, and Douglas Jones, a Center College student, who was diagnoised with HIV two years ago.

Notecards will be provided so the audience can ask questions of the panelists.

Neil White, Chair of the Issues Committee said: "It's an excellent opportunity for students to ask questions that they've been scared to ask about HIV".

Jo Anne Sereal, development director for the local AillS clinic, said the event is happening at a time when HIV is a vital issue on college campuses.

"The public is very interested in well-known personalities like Greg Louganis, who has recently made known his HIV status. Our clinic sees a tremendous need to get its message to the public."

Although she feels most college students are educated about HIV, Jo Anne Sereal emphasized that continued education is a must because there is no cure for the disease.

" Awareness is at the forefront. "

"You can't do it (hold a public discussion) once. You have to keep people aware", she said.

White said the event will have a wide appeal because of the well-rounded forum. he added that Louganis, who is reverred by many people, crosses all socioeconomic barriers to reach everyone. "It is very important when a celebrity comes forward and says, 'this can happen to even me,"' he said.