C o o r d i n a t e s   (2,5,0)

Math 250: Differential Equations
Instructor: Joe Erickson (erickson@bucks.edu)
Textbook: Fundamentals of Differential Equations, 8th Ed., by Nagle, Saff, Snider
Term: Spring 2014


April 7 - Exam #2 and its key are in Resources.

April 5 - Exam #3 will be on April 16, and Exam #4 will be on May 7. As for Exam #5, that has to happen on May 20 no matter what. As was announced in February (see below), there will be class on May 14 and May 16 (which is a Friday).

March 10 - Exam #2 will occur on March 26. The syllabus indicates what sections the exam will cover.

March 5 - Exam #1 and its key are in Resources (link below).

February 12 - Great news, Diff. Eq. junkies! To make up for the loss of the January 22 and February 5 lectures, we will be having class on Wednesday, May 14, and also Friday, May 16 (6:30 pm in Founders Hall 310). This is demanded by the College, so there isn't any choice in the matter. (We won't be covering much in the way of new material on May 16, so if you find you cannot make it to class that night I don't think it will be a big deal.) Also, Exam #1 will be postponed to February 26. This change is also reflected in the syllabus.

January 22 - Since class has been canceled today, expect there to be class on Wednesday, May 14 (same time and room), which is a Make-Up Day on the college academic calendar. I might fiddle around with some exam dates on the syllabus in the next few days, but the last exam will still take place on Tuesday, May 20, in Founders Hall 309 starting at 6:30 PM.

December 1 - The syllabus for the Spring 2014 section N83 evening class is now available at the link below.

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