C o o r d i n a t e s   (2,5,0)

Math 250: Differential Equations
Instructor: Joe Erickson (erickson@bucks.edu)
Textbook: A First Course in Differential Equations, 10th Ed., by Dennis Zill
Term: Summer 2015


August 19 - Final course grades have been posted on WebAdvisor as of a couple days ago.

August 15 - Exam 4 and its key are in Resources.

August 6 - Hello again! The formula sheet that will be on the back side of Exam 4 will be the same one found on last summer's Exam 4, but that's where the similarities end. All the problems on Exam 4 will be different from those appearing on past exams. So don't waste precious time memorizing old exam solutions!

August 4 - The last day to take Exam 4 is August 13, NOT August 14 as originally indicated in the syllabus!

August 3 - Exam 3 and its key are in the Resources section of the site.

July 10 - I forgot to include the solution to Problem 9 in the key to Exam 2. That has been fixed. Also, the last day to withdraw from the course is July 14. I will have Exam 2 scores out before then.

July 7 - Exam 2 and its key are in the Resources section of the site.

June 19 - Exam 1 scores will start coming out tonight into tomorrow. Also Exam 1 and its key are in the Resources section of the site (link below).

June 3 - The book assumes casual familiarity with the hyperbolic functions. Minimally you need only know the definitions of sinh and cosh, since the defintions of the other four hyperbolic functions follow in a manner analogous to the trigonometric functions. For example tanh=sinh/cosh. Also know the derivatives of sinh and cosh, which are easy: sinh'(t)=cosh(t), which is like sin'(t)=cos(t), and cosh'(t)=sinh(t), which is almost like cos'(t)=-sin(t). See this page for the full lowdown on hyperbolic functions.

June 2 - A few things I want to mention. First, the homework problems consist mainly of odd-numbered problems, with only the very occasional even-numbered problem. Also, as stated in the syllabus, you need to get your BCCC e-mail up and running since that is what I use to send out exam scores. This is not just for my convenience: it is a security precaution. Finally, I believe WebAssign offers video lectures on many topics, but you can also find lectures at sites like Khan Academy.

May 27 - Okely-dokely, if you bought WebAssign along with the textbook (recommended but not strictly required), then to access it you need the following Class Key: bucks 8621 2844. I don't think the student solution manual is part of WebAssign, however.

May 22 - The Orientation is contained within the syllabus (see link below), which has been updated for the summer online course.

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