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Math 125: Precalculus
Instructor: Joe Erickson (erickson@bucks.edu)
Textbook: Precalculus: Concepts Through Functions, A Unit Circle Approach to Trigonometry, 3rd Ed., by Sullivan
Term: Fall 2015

Announcements for Section E59

December 17 - Final grades for the course have been posted in WebAdvisor.

December 12 - Exam #4 and its key are in the Resources.

November 20 - Exam #3 and its key are in the Resources.

October 23 - Exam #2 and its key are now in Resources.

October 06 - Exam #1 scores have been sent out by BCCC e-mail. The exam and its key are in the Resources section of this site (link below).

September 27 - A couple things. First, please do not use the "Ask My Instructor" feature in MyMathLab, as I'm not able to view those at present. Anyway you all should be doing the homework exercises given on the assignment sheet linked to near the bottom of this page, which are in the textbook and I have no difficulties viewing. If you really have a question with an exercise that isn't in the textbook, either state the exercise in an e-mail or maybe use a "screenshot" utility so you can attach the exercise as an image. For instance on Macbooks and the like, to do a screenshot, just press Command + Shift + 3 simultaneously, which will place a screenshot on the desktop. Ah yes, and the second thing: as I stated as clearly as I could in the syllabus, the exam dates are quite strict, and it is not permitted to take an exam outside the range of dates given for any exam. If you miss a midterm exam, that becomes your "dropped" score.

September 17 - As stated in the orientation, the old exams on this website are not to be relied upon too much when studying for an upcoming exam. The book we're using this term is not the same one used in 2014, so quite a lot of Exam #1 will be make up of new problems that have not appeared on past exams.

September 16 - The assignment sheet has been updated to include some minor corrections. Also the assignments for sections 3.1 through 4.2 (which are covered in Exam #2 in October) have been altered somewhat.

August 22 - Announcements for the fall online course will appear here. The syllabus is below, and includes the course orientation.

August 18 - This will be the course website for the Fall 2015 online course. Syllabus is not yet available, and assignment sheet is out of date. Get thee to the college bookstore (either the Newtown campus store or the store's website) to get the book in whatever form you desire. There are several choices.

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