About Advising

If you are a student at BCCC, you may have noticed that academic advising is largely done not by full-time professional advisors, or even by a select group of professors who have passionately cultivated advising as a specialty and receive course release time to practice it with zeal; rather, and quite unlike most colleges and universities, you find most advising done by harried professors who have no particular expertise in the area. Indeed, many of them have no interest in advising whatsoever, but are pressed into doing it anyway by the college administration. The reason the college does this is simple: to save money. However, there are good reasons why most colleges and universities do not attempt to force academicians to double as academic advisors. For one thing it gobbles up their office hours and leaves them with less time to help students master the concepts in their courses. So, if you are a student at BCCC and you want to have a full-time staff of professional advisors available on campus every week such as Montgomery County Community College has (just to name one example among many), then here is my advice: Contact the college administrators and tell them so! If enough students do this, it may come to pass that BCCC will finally give students what most other academic institutions have offered for decades: Advising by either full-time professionals or by professors who truly want to do advising.