CISC122 Computer Science II 

Bucks   County Community College

Basic Course Information


Instructor: Kay Chen, professor in Math/Computer & Information Science 

Office: F133 

Phone: (215) 968-8295


Fax: (215) 968-8294

Prerequisite: Computer Science I with a grade of C or better

Course Materials: 

    1. Starting out with Java: from Control Structures thrugh Data Structures by Gaddis & Muganda
    2. Flowchart Template or software to create flowcharts
    3. Flash drive (or other storage media)

Course Content:

This course is a continuation of Computer Science I using the Java language. Topics include: classes, object-oriented design, sorting, searching, recursion, strings, multidimensional arrays,and introduction to linked lists, stacks and queues. The course syllabus is on file at: department offce, Dean of Academic Affairs office, library and Transfer & Job Placement Office.

Course Structure:

We will be using BbVista as the course management tool. See the Course Information Pages on what is expected in terms of study requirements.  In addition to reading assignments, Labs are the primary means of practicing the material.  Although you may work at your own pace, certain due dates are necessary so you will be ready for the tests at specific times. The 2 tests and final must be taken either in the testing center on a walk-in basis or at another site with approved proctoring. There will also be a few online quizzes that can be done at home. Please let me know in advance if you will not be using the Newtown Testing Center so I can arrange delivery of the tests to the appropriate place. In addition to the text, numerous examples, powerpoints, drills and web links will be posted to supplement the readings. A discussion list will be used for questions/ blogs etc. It is expected that you read all postings and respond as appropriate. Online Chat is also encouraged to get immediate help. The orientation is provided to go over all of the above in more detail.


Labs are an important part of a programming course, although most often abused. It is your opportunity to get valuable hands on practice. Make the most of it by doing your own work. Because you can get all the help you want in order to get a program to work, it is expected that you can always hand in a working program. Your grade therefore will also depend on your documentation and program development steps as specified on the lab & assessment sheets.


The expectation at Bucks County Community College is that the principles of truth and honesty will be rigorously followed in all academic endeavors. This assumes that all work will be done by the person who purports to do the work without unauthorized aids. In addition, when making use of language and some idea not his or her own, whether quoting them directly or paraphrasing them into his or her own words, the student must attribute the source of the material in some standard form, such as naming the source in the text or offering a footnote. (Source: BCCC Catalog, College Policy Regarding Cheating and Plagiarism). Please consult the College Catalog for a full explanation of the policy on cheating and plagiarism. In compliance with the Bucks County Community College policy and equal access laws, appropriate academic accommodations can be made for students eligible for such support. Students are encouraged to register with the Disability Services Office (215-968-8463) to verify their eligibility for appropriate accommodations. Please speak to your instructor about any requests for academic accommodations or other concerns as early in the semester as possible.

Approximate grading breakdown:

·         Quizzes: 10%

·         Tests: 40%

·         Labs: 25%

·         Final: 20%

·         Homework exercises and participation: 5%

You may be subject to withdrawal for non-participation, specifically, nothing submitted by midterm. It is still your responsibility to withdraw yourself if you do not want to stay in the class. Please maintain at least weekly contact to keep me informed of your progress. You are also free to attend my day class.

Office hours:

Posted on office door and Bb Vista. Please feel free to come in as often as necessary for any questions. In addition, I check my e-mail every day so you can send me questions including programs any day of the week. Please use the mail in BbVista as the primary email.

Notice of Student Responsibility:

Students are always responsible for retaining copies of their own work and/or correspondence, including that posted to a web course space. Student access to a Bucks County Community College web course space is available only during the stated semester/session as indicated by the College’s academic calendar. All web course sites, including content, are routinely removed form the server at the conclusion of each semester/session.