Computer Science I - Distance Learning

Bucks County Community College

Basic Course Information


Instructor: Kay Chen, professor Office: F133

Math/Computer & Information Science Phone: (215) 968-8295

e-mail: fax: (215) 968-8294

Course Materials:

1.Java Programming, 5th Edition by Joyce Farrell

2.   Alice in Action: Computing Through Animation by Joel Adams

3.Software to construct flowcharts

Course Content:

The intent of this course is to serve as an introduction for the computer science major.  It will introduce you to several aspects of computer science including: programming in a structured high-level programming language Java.  In addition: problem solving, flowcharting, testing, debugging, documentation and number systems will be included. This is a rigorous introduction and is not recommended as an introduction to computers in general for the non-major. The course syllabus is on file at: department office, Dean of Academic Affairs office, library and Transfer & Job Placement Office.

Course Structure:

The text has hands-on tutorials after presenting the concepts. Online quizzes will be given following completion of each tutorial. Labs and other exercises will then be assigned to test your deeper understanding of the material. You will proceed at your own pace going on only after mastering each section since this material is cumulative. However, we still are limited to the semester time frame so if a lot of repetition is needed, more time will have to be invested in order to finish at the same time.  We will be using the Bb Vista  Bulletin Board for discussions that apply to the whole class so everyone can see all the responses at the same time. You are encouraged to post questions, problems etc. and answer fellow student's questions. You may also send questions & files to me by e-mail, which I check daily. Since you are a e-learning student, I trust you already have the discipline to do your own work. All testing and labs will be done by online not requiring you to be on campus. However, the departmental final will require you to go to the Testing Center or make other suitable arrangements for proctoring. There may be some other situations that I may require proctored testing and I will notify you in advance. Please consult the College Catalog for a full explanation of the policy on cheating and plagiarism.

Grading: Regardless of what your final average comes out to (see below), you must get at least a 65 on the final in order to get a final grade of B, a 55 to get C, and a 45 to get a D. If the final differs significantly from the rest of your grades, you can optionally retake Test 2 under proctored conditions.

Tutorials & Assignments:





25% (10,15)